Peachtree Swing Patio Door (IPD/ Citadel & Prado) - Handle Bushing Repair Kit

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Peachtree IPD Citadel and Prado Swinging Patio Door handle set bushing repair kit.
Parts contained will repair one handle set> inside and outside handles to the escutcheon plates.

Restore the handle operation by replacing the spring and bushing.

Note**** These replacement handle bushing kits require a snap ring pliers tool to install the "new type" retainers.
The "C" clip retainers can be reused from the original bushing part.

Note**** The replacement bushing kits have a 50 degree range of operation> original bushings have a 90 degree.

If the mortise bolts will not retract completely into the modules after replacing the handle bushing> or installing a replacement handle set> the cause is a worn center mortise lock box- not the handle bushing design.

No other type of handle bushing is available to allow the handle to rotate past the 50 degree limit. This design prevents damage to the handle set rebound springs.

Click Here for replacement center mortise lock

SKU: 56-115
Price: $48.95

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