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Important-Sash Warranty Information

The PWD Service Sash Warranty is five years for exterior paint finish on aluminum sash frame components (Peachtree Sash) and roll form aluminum cladding (Crestline Sash). The wood sash frame components used on the Crestline Clad Sash are also warranted for five years against rot, provided they are finished according to the directions below. Crestline Sash (wood) not having aluminum cladding [primed wood] is warranted for one year. The PWD Service Warranty on glass installed in all PWD Service manufactured sash is 10 years against seal failure. PWD Service will supply replacement glass ONLY for seal failure after one year. PWD Service will NOT supply a replacement sash for seal failure. PWD Service will NOT reimburse for the labor cost to replace any glass. Stress cracks are not covered under glass warranty.

PWD Service uses the latest advances in glass manufacturer technology. This applies to the glass and insulated glass unit spacers used in sash production.
PWD Service reserves the right to use different glass manufacturers and their products in the production of replacement sash. Slight variances may occur in glass color and spacer design resulting in differences from previous years of production. This difference is NOT a defect and is not subject to warranty replacement.

Installation of replacement window sash must meet manufacturer's specification. These specifications include installation of sash frame weatherstrip and the alignment of the sash to prevent water/air infiltration. Failure to follow these specifications will result in no consideration of replacement sash. No warranty coverage for any part of the sash will be honored.

PWDService is the factory licensed source for Peachtree and Crestline product replacement parts.

PWDService is not affiliated with the former Peachtree Windows and Door or Crestline Windows and Door Companies. PWDService does NOT honor or cover any product warranties for these companies.

All questions in regard to all original factory warranty issues and coverage will be directed to these companies.

Electronic Order Consent Form

Terms and Conditions

This form is your contract. Once we receive this email confirmation, on this order’s specifications, we will begin fulfillment on your order within 5 days. You have three days to submit any changes or cancel this order. After the three day time period, all orders are final. Subsequent order changes will incur additional manufacturing and shipping charges.

PWD Service does not accept returns for window sash> except for product manufactured outside of the specifications in this order.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm the specifications of this order> when product is ordered or received. Product inspection is required prior to finishing or installation. No consideration/ reimbursement will be given for consumer labor or finishing work on product that is outside the specifications of any order.

Painting and Finishing

Wood Components

  • Window Sash> any and all wood component parts and wood parts must be primed/ painted and or stained prior to installing the product.
  • This finishing must be done within 10 days of receipt of product.
  • Painting> seal with a sealer primer> all wood surfaces/ edges/ ends> finish with a quality paint> type and brand to be determined by location and customer.
  • Staining> all wood surfaces and seal with a poly-urethane type finish top coat.
  • PWD Service is not responsible for the finishing or quality of the finished product application.
  • Please Click and Read for Window Sash.pdf
    Please Click and Read - for Window Grilles

    Handling and Care of Product

    Window Sash

    • All window sash product to be finished painted/ stained within 10 days of delivery.
    • Storage of received product> must be kept in a dry environment until finished.
    • Finish all window sash wood surfaces (paint / stain) prior to installation. Proper wood surface prep should be done at this time [light sanding/ cleaning].
    • All wood products must be finished on a flat surface and allowed to dry completely.
    • If casement window sash is stored in the upright position, at any angle, the cladding side must face the angle and be protected. [Weather Strip edge- casement sash- top side up]
    • Transportation of window sash must be done with extreme care, either in original crate packaging, or with adequate protection to prevent any damage to> the sash aluminum cladding/ wood components or weather strip. [PWD Service is not responsible for any handling damage or shipping damage to job site by customer.]

    Reporting Damage or Defects

    • Shipping or Handling damage - initial inspection: all shipments must be inspected for shipping damage as soon as possible.
      All PWD Service shipping crates are sealed with screws.
      All screw retainers are clearly marked> open all crating by removing the marked screw retainers.
      NEVER use a pry bar to open a PWD Service shipping crate.
      Failure to follow this simple procedure may void any warranty/ damage consideration.
    • Any obvious damage (exterior - to shipping container) or mishandling during delivery must be reported to PWD Service immediately upon delivery.
    • No consideration will be given if contents are not inspected for damage within 7 business days.
    • All crating / shipping containers MUST be retained in the case of a damage claim.
    • Pictures or other documentation of damaged crate condition upon delivery should be delivered to PWD Service as soon as possible. [Email preferred]
    • Contact PWD Service for any RMA’s prior to making arrangements to return damaged products.

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