Peachtree Entry Door Weatherstrip Kit

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Cure your entry door sealing problems with a Peachtree factory replacement weather strip kit.

This kit fits Peachtree Entry Doors manufactured pre-2004 that used the large rope C-Fold type weather strip.

Note****** The C fold weather strip will be bronze in color.

The kit contains an insert for the large frame kerf of the early Peachtree Entry Door Frame.

Select a single door frame application [3068] or double door unit [5068/ 6068] [below].
[3068> 36"x 81"] [5068> 61"x 81" & 6068> 73"x 81"]
Note**** 8'0" [93" door panel] tall material is available- call our sales office for information and pricing.

Kit contains the plastic kerf plastic inserts and the C-Fold weather strip to complete a door frame weather strip replacement. The weather strip will be bronze in color. Components are NOT sold separately.
The Double Door Kit also contains the center astragal weather strip section.
This center weather strip section is currently available only with an adhesive backing and fits all double door applications.

The weather strip and inserts are a "cut to fit" to the door frame application.
Actual Weather Strip may vary in appearance from the picture above. Performance and fitment are the same.

Some install tips:
The plastic w/s adapter [insert] can be installed by pushing it into the door frame weather strip kerf or sliding it into the kerf.
The open side of the plastic insert always is installed facing towards you.
This is the "U" channel the weather strip barbed edge inserts into.
To slide it into the door frame kerf, insert a section at the lock strike location and center hinge on the opposite jamb.
These locations have an oversized mortise area allowing for the material to be easily inserted.
Slide one section down into the door frame kerf and another upward to complete the insert on each side.
Trim the insert to the correct size for the vertical install.
The top frame insert can be pushed into place with a small putty knife or screwdriver.
The weather strip is then inserted into the kerf, vertical sections first then the top horizontal.
The top weather strip section should have an angle cut on each end to overlap the vertical sides- use the original section as an example for this detail.

SKU: 98540341-KIT
Price: $39.95

Please select whether this is for a standard single door, or double door.

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