Entry Door Weatherstrip Replacement Instructions

PDF file includes illustrated guide for removal and installation of entry door weatherstripping.[Peachtree Company guideline]

The plastic adapter [insert] can be installed by pushing it into the door frame weather strip kerf or sliding it into the kerf.
When sliding it in the kerf insert a section at the lock strike location and center hinge on the opposite jamb.
These locations have an oversized mortise area allowing for the material to be easily inserted.
Slide one section down into the kerf and another upward to complete the insert on each side.
Trim the insert to the correct size for the vertical install.
The top frame insert can be pushed into place with a small putty knife or screwdriver.
The weather strip is then inserted into the kerf, vertical sections first then the top horizontal.
The top weather strip section should have an angle cut on each end to overlap the vertical sides- use the original section as an example for this detail.

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