Peachtree Citadel Swing Patio Door Handle Set- W&F Hardware

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The Bright Brass, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed finish handles set are in stock.
Active [IPDSWHW] and Passive [IPDFRHW] sets are available in all three finish types.

Peachtree Citadel Multi Point Swing Patio Door Handle Set- Bright Brass, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.
These handle sets are original design Peachtree Handle Hardware.

Note** The oil rubbed bronze handle sets have an applied finish over a brass plated base. The applied finish is a coating layer subject to wear exposing the underlying brass finish. This coating layer wear is NOT a defect and should be expected.
The handles on these products are cast and can have slight imperfections- this is NOT a defect.

This Hardware fits the Citadel Door ONLY- active panel- manufacture dates- 1992> 2002
Hardware set contains- inside/ outside face plates, two handles, key & key lock cylinder and attaching hardware.
Price listed is per handle set type selected, active or passive.

Confirm the Patio Door Unit handle model & fitment before attempting to install this handle set.
Handle sets cannot be returned once removed from original packaging [plastic protection], install attempted or damaged [finish]in any manner> including return shipping damage from poor repackaging.

Absolutely no refund of purchase price for a handle set without the component parts in the original packaging or after 15 days. [Returns of handle sets could be subject up to a 50% return charge].

Any warranty claims regarding these handle sets are limited to the mechanical function only- within the first year of purchase. Replacement components are the sole remedy for any claims. PWD Service does NOT warrant the plated finish of any handle set due to environmental exposure and operational wear factors.

These handle sets are designed to work with the Citadel center mortise locks manufactured after 2010.
The handle rotation of these handle sets is limited to 50 degrees to prevent damage to the rebound springs. This rotation limit is NOT considered a defect.
Mortise locks manufactured prior to 2010 may require as much as 90 degrees of rotation- these older mortise locks may have as much as 20 degrees of rotation before any engagement of the system begins.
The remedy for a worn center mortise lock is replacement only.

***Warning** Do NOT use a power driver tool to attach the handle set face plate retaining screws.
Thread damage can result and is NOT considered a product defect.

Price: $265.00

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