Peachtree Citadel & Prado Sliding Patio Door Interlock & Sill Weather Strip> C-Fold

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Peachtree Citadel & Prado Sliding Patio Door C-Fold type weather strip.

Foam filled tan vinyl clad with "T" slot type mount.

Fitment of the weather Strip:
a. Citadel & Prado Sliding panel to fixed panel interlock> weather strip slides into the "C" channel on the fixed panel. [460]
b. Citadel Patio Door Sill> weather strip seals inserts into "C" channels in the Lexan sill. [461]
Use in the exterior and interior channels to complete the seal against the panel sweep.
The part number 460 and 461 are exactly the same part used in two different applications.
Sold in 8' sections.

SKU: 37400460/461
Price: $20.95

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