Crestline 312, Peachtree 500/700 Window Hinge and Pivot Track Assembly- sold as a pair

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Crestline/ Vetter Casement Windows 1986- 2004 (312 & 112 Series)
Peachtree Series 500/700 Casement Windows 2003-2013
Standard [non- adjustable] and Adjustable [movable pivot pin]

Restore your window operation with a set of replacement hinges.
Over time the plastic slide shoe deteriorates causing the sash to sag and drag on the frame when closing.

***Note- These hinges do NOT fit any awning window application [too short/ small]. Call for specific awning hinge parts.

Casement Window Hinge

The set includes a right and left hand hinge and slide assembly to fit one window unit.
This one set of the hinges fits a right or left hand unit.
The adjustable hinge track uses a 7/16" open end wrench to move the pivot pin.
The advantage of an adjustable hinge is to correct the position of the sash in the unit frame.

Hinge direction is determined by viewing window from the exterior (outside).
Hinge tracks have adjustable or non adjustable pivot pin- select from the drop down box below.

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