Andersen Double Hung Bulb / Bottom Rail Weatherstrip

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Works with Perma-Shield Narroline Double-Hung Window manufactured from 1968 to Present.

This is a service part to replace the bottom rail foam weatherstrip when the foam weatherstrip will not make good contact with the window sill.

Use Andersen's recommended clear silicone to adhered weatherstrip to bottom of sash - part number 2903006.

Available in 72" long length and will need to be cut to length to fit.

Note: If the foam weatherstrip does not make contact with the window sill there is a good chance that your frame and/or sash is out of square. Re-installation of the window may be required to resolve the problem.

Andersen part orders over $50.00 receive "FREE SHIPPING" and in most cases would be delivered within 7-10 business days.

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This item is custom order only. Please refer to the instructions above to order.

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