Andersen Casement Sash Hinge Lower Split Arm Hinge with Screws, All CR, CN, C sizes, CW2 - CW3, CX25 - CX6, and CXW2 - CXW45, Left-Hand Standard Hinge

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Lower split arm hinge with screws

Left hand – left hand unit will have the lock on the left hand side when viewed from the interior

Used on sizes CR, CN, C, CW, CX25 - CX6, and CXW2 - CXW45

If your window was manufactured prior to 1981 you must replace both the upper and lower hinge

*These parts require Instruction Guide Hinge Replacement/Conversion (0005462)

Andersen part orders over $50.00 receive "FREE SHIPPING" & in most cases would be delivered within 7-10 business days.

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This item is custom order only. Please refer to the instructions above to order.

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