Andersen Casement Sash Hinge Lower Split Arm Hinge with Screws, 20 Inch Opening, Sizes CW35 through CW6, and CX35, Left-Hand Standard Hinge

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Lower split arm hinge with screws and egress control plate

Used on unit sizes CW35-CW6 and CX35 with a 20 inch opening, and uses the standard split arm upper hinge

Left hand - a left hand unit will have the lock on the left hand side when viewed from the interior

For units manufactured from 1966 to current, if the window was manufactured prior to 1981 you must replace both the upper and lower hinge

*These parts require Instruction Guide Hinge Replacement/Conversion (0005462)

Andersen part orders over $50.00 receive "FREE SHIPPING" & in most cases would be delivered within 7-10 business days.

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