Peachtree Replacement Transom Window Sash

Window sash in this section is a direct replacement for Peachtree Ariel transom windows. Ariel transom windows can be identified by an aluminum clad exterior and wood interior.

Replacement window sash is built to order. Please note that all orders will be reviewed, confirmed, and signed off on before beginning production. All orders are prepaid.

Below is an extensive list of standard sizes. To order window sash - measure visible glass dimensions and identify the correct catalog size code, then click the blue link to continue to the window sash order form.

Step 1: Measuring Visible Glass

How to Measure Visible Glass

Get started with your selection by measuring the visible glass (VG). Visible glass dimensions can be determined by measuring the width and height of the exposed glass from inside the home. Please note that actual visible glass size may measure 1/32" of an inch shorter than the sizes listed below. Measurements within + 1/4” should be rounded up to the nearest standard size as listed in the table below. Visible glass dimensions that are greater or less than 5/16” of a standard size means it is a custom sized window.

IMPORTANT: All dimensions are specified as WIDTH X HEIGHT.

Step 2. Identifying Catalog Size Code

Once you have determined the visible glass size, refer to the listing below to find the correct catalog size code. Click the blue link in the "Catalog Size Code" column to continue to the window sash order form.