Peachtree Swing Patio Door (IPD / Citadel) - French Door Handle Set IPD001 [37420012]- White applied finish only

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Peachtree Citadel French Swing Patio Door Handle Set[both panels open]
Handle Set is White finished [only].[Real Brass construction with applied finish]
This Handle Set is only available in a "French" configuration [active and passive (dummy) panel set] for $400.00
Set contains active panel keyed cylinder, face plates and handles, all attaching screws and is reversible.

***NOTE> Check the handle fitment before attempting to install this handle set.
All handle sets cannot be returned once installed or damaged.
Absolutely no returns without the original undamaged packaging or after 15 days.

***Warning** Do NOT use a power driver tool to attach the handle set face plate retaining screws.
Thread damage can result and is NOT considered a product defect.

Confirm your selection of this Door Handle Part before ordering.
*****This handle set fits the multi point lock assembly for the Citadel ONLY.
*****Handle Set Packages that are opened or been installed cannot be returned for credit.****

Price: $400.00

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