Peachtree Entry Door Adjustable Oak Sill Inserts, 2'0" to 6'0" units, $58.50-$118.50

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Peachtree Entry/ Patio Door-Inswing- Oak Sill replacement insert.
Inserts are original oak replacements sized to fit the Peachtree Door Sill Assembly.
Oak inserts include the adjusters with threaded studs installed [.531" adjuster cap].
The adjusters can be a Phillips head or cap type [as pictured- pre 2019].
These oak sill inserts fit Peachtree Entry Doors, 1980-2004 only.
Sill anchors are available [Call for correct size/ fit]
***Note- Pretreat [finish/seal the insert] before installing to prevent decay.
Select Oak Sill insert below.
Oak Sill Insert Door Panel Width offered:
a. 2'0"
b. 2'6"
c. 2'8"
d. 3'0"
e. 5'0" (Double Door +$50.00)
f. 5'5" (Double Door +$55.00)
g. 6'0" (Double Door +$60.00)

Call for additional sizes- double door

SKU: 27400010-110
Price: $58.50

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